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Friday, April 23, 2010

UNESCO Declares Bengali To Be The World’s Sweetest Language

UNESCO has declared the Bengali language to be the sweetest language of the world.

Bengali is one of the major languages of India, and the main language in the state of West Bengal in eastern India. It is the mother tongue of the Bengali community of India, i.e. the community to which I belong.

Bengali is also spoken in the tiny country of Bangladesh, a neighbouring country of India. In fact, in Bangladesh Bengali is virtually the sole spoken language, and enjoys the status of the National Language.

I have always been so proud that I have such a sweet as well as rich language as my mother language. And today that pride got a huge booster.

However, my pride in and love for my language will never make me look down upon any other language of this world. Rather, I have (and will always have) a huge respect for every spoken language in this world, as each of them has enriched the human civilization in one way or the other.