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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Helpful Colleagues That I am Lucky To Have

Different people have different experiences with their colleagues. Some people are blessed with good and helpful colleagues, while some fail to find a single colleague who can be called supportive and dependable. And then there are some, who have had the experience of having both these types of colleagues. It is this third group that I belong to.

In my around 8 years of processional career I have had various types of colleagues (as it happens in everyone’s case). I will not hide this fact that my experience with some of them was not very pleasant (in fact I will dare say that a couple of them were just intolerable). However, at the same time I have been blessed with some genuinely nice and helpful colleagues, who have always extended their helping hands every time I have approached them.

My present company Espire Infolabs is a really lucky organization for me in this regard. Here I find myself surrounded by some so nice, helpful and co-operative colleagues. And they help to reduce the tension and stress of the work to such a significant level.

While I have the names of at least a dozen of people in my mind, today I will like to focus on a few of them.

To begin with there are Amit Bharti (Administration) and Debesh (HR). These two gentlemen are neighbours, with both having their own cars. However, they come to office in a single car, using each of the cars on every alternate day. And they give me a lift everyday while coming to office. Actually they come to office in the same route that I follow, and pick me up from a particular spot near my home where I wait for them. Thus I enjoy a happy car ride to office, instead of having a lengthy and painful bus journey and ultimately reaching office with almost all energy lost.

Exactly this same favour I enjoy from Kumarshivam and Neerav (both software professionals at our office), while going back home. Both have their bikes, and stay close to my home (in fact Kumarshivam is virtually my neighbour). Everyday one of them gives me a lift, and I again enjoy the pleasure of reaching home with a fresh body and mind, instead of a strenuous bus journey sucking out all of the remaining energy that I manage to retain after the entire day’s work.

Then there is this lady colleague in my department, who is always there to help me whenever I have some problem with Excel. I am not that strong at Excel, and find myself in deep soup whenever I have to do some work on it. And she is my only refuge on such occasions, as she always comes forward to solve my problem. So far twice or thrice I have approached her for help, and every time she has come to my rescue, saving me from unpleasant consequences that I otherwise would have faced for failing to do the work properly.

Another person who always helps me in handling computer applications that I am not strong at is Mr Yogesh Gupta, another bright software professional of our organization. He is another person whom I have approached for help for a couple of times, and he has never disappointed me. What has touched me a lot is that he has often come to my desk and helped me by putting aside his own urgent work, something least expected in the “ultra professional” environment of the modern corporate scenario.

Every person has his share of problems and challenges in his work, and so do I. It is quite natural. But all my work related tension and stress get evaporated, courtesy the support that I enjoy from these people. My sincere thanks to them!