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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dalai Lama – The Gritty Peace Lover

Dalai Lama – the gritty peace lover, for whom “Peace” is not an excuse to avoid conflict and adversity

But a powerful tool to counter his adversaries with composure and dignity.

Dalai Lama – the embodiment of the pride and indomitable spirit of the great Tibetan race

A man who is so humble, and yet carries himself with elegance and grace.

Dalai Lama – the great apostle of love, harmony, compassion and humanity

An angel in the form of human being, who is here to guide us to the heavenly path of holiness and nobility.

(It is a humble ode to the great Tibetan leader on the auspicious occasion of his 75th birthday)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dalai Lama’s Arunachal Visit – A Tight Slap For Audacious China

The audacious Chinese leadership got a tight slap with His Holiness Dalai Lama’s smooth visit to Arunachal Pradesh, the unarguably Indian state that China considers to be a part of its own.

China found its strong pressure on India to be completely futile with the latter strongly defying the pressure and allowing the revered Tibetan leader to visit this majestic region in north-eastarn India.

To top it, standing on the soil of Arunachal Pradesh Dalai Lama described the state to be an integral part of India, and also slammed China for its “hard line”.

Hope China has understood that India is not the pushover that it had thought it to be.

The 1962 war is a distant past, China. Stop being obsessed with that success, and try to move on. Today’s India a strong country, a country simply not ready to tolerate your high-handedness. Got it dude?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dalai Lama's Proposed Visit To Taiwan - Who Is China To Oppose It?

The Chinese government is upset with His Holiness Dalai Lama's proposed visit to Taiwan. The spokesperson of the Chinese government has openly conveyed his government's displeasure to the global media, saying that his government "resolutely opposes" Dalai Lama's proposed visit to Taiwan (the country which China considers to be a part of its own).

Now, what locus standi does the Chinese government have in opposing Dalai Lama's visit to Taiwan? Taiwan is a sovereign country (no matter what China thinks about it), and it has full right to invite any person on its soil. And Dalai Lama is also by no means answerable to the Chinese government for his actions. Then from where does China get the right to express displeasure over the issue, in the first place?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Tibet Turmoil – The World Must Recognize The Fight For Freedom

For the last few days the global media has been closely following, quite understandably, the turmoil in Tibet. There has always been a strong protest from the Tibetans against the domination of their country by China. The Chinese government has been very ruthless in suppressing this Tibetan protest, one result of which was His Holiness Dalai Lama’s exile in India. There is strong pressure from China on India to denounce Dalai Lama, a pressure that India has so far handled with diplomatic aplomb. China has always accused Dalai Lama for instigating Tibetans against the Chinese government (as if it is a crime to motivate one’s countrymen to fight against foreign domination), and has accused him for instigating the present riot that has taken place in Tibet. In fact, the way the Chinese government has accused the widely respected religious leader has simply crossed all limits of decency. The Chinese government has used languages which even a man on the street will think twice before using in a public place. Their audacity is such, that they called Dalai Lama “A Wolf In Monk’s Robes”. Who has given the Chinese government the right to hurt the emotions of thousands of people who perceive Dalai Lama as the representative of God? Would they be able to use such a language about a religious leader from the Islamic community?

What I feel is that the world should take serious note of what is happening in Tibet. Can any person, having minimum rationality, deny this fact that China is doing something really obnoxious by forcefully occupying Tibet? Isn’t it a clear case of imperialism? On what basis have they got the right to occupy Tibet?

The peace loving people across the world should immediately start a strong campaign against the illegal Chinese domination of Tibet, thereby creating a strong pressure on Beijing to withdraw itself from that beautiful land.

One thing has always surprised me. I have always found that the so-called intellectuals are very fast in criticizing the capitalist countries (like the USA) when the latter do something that is apparently unethical. These intellectuals are so smart in criticizing the USA for its war against Iraq (something which I also do not support). But these intellectuals never criticize Fidel Castro of Cuba for ruling (or shall we say oppressing) his countrymen with an iron hand. Similarly, I never find these intellectuals to criticize the Chinese government who has been playing with the feelings, emotions and self-respect sense of the Tibetans all over the world.

It is high time we stopped all sorts of hypocrisy, and criticize all sorts of unethical activities, irrespective of the country responsible for that. If we do not extend our support to our Tibetan brothers and sisters who are fighting for the liberty of their beloved motherland, then we have no right to call ourselves a civilized society.