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Monday, August 24, 2009

10th Anniversary Of World Blogging

23rd August 2009 was an auspicious day for all the bloggers across the world, as it marked the 10th anniversary of the launching of Blogger - world's first free weblog-authoring software. The software - launched by Evan Williams on this date precisely 10 years back - resulted in free blogging opportunities for anybody interested in the same, thus facilitating the spread of blogging across the world like a wild fire. It eventually resulted in the optimum democratization of media, by enabling common people to directly share their feelings and opinions through their own blogs, instead of completely depending on the mainstream media to represent their views, aspirations, etc.

Today blogging features among the top hobbies (read passions) of the world, enabling a wide range of people (from celebrities to nobodies like me) to express their feelings/comments/evaluations, etc. on virtually everything under the sun.

Personally speaking, having a blog of my own has been one of the most significant things to have happened in my life. Through my blog I can share with the world my feelings, views, etc. on such a diverse range of topics (ranging from global affairs to my personal experiences), which is such a thrilling and fulfilling experience. Today I am an active member of the world blogging movement, and it is an identity that I am extremely proud of. Blogging is a revolution in the human civilization, and I cherish this fact that I am a part of this revolution. It is certainly true that I am a very ordinary blogger, and my contribution in the world blogging movement is simply negligible. But I am at least a part of the blogging movement, and that is all for me.

Finally, a message for all my fellow bloggers across the world -

My dear friends, brothers and sisters, I am genuinely proud to be one of you people. I owe a lot to you, as you have helped creating and sustaining the beautiful world of Blogging, of which I am part today. I dearly love and respect all of you, irrespective of the language and the topic of your blogs. Keep blogging, and keep enriching the human society by sharing your valuable thoughts and views. Happy Blogging.