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Monday, May 3, 2010

Limb Amputation To Be History?

The human society might get rid of the painful experience of limb amputation, provided a group of US scientists working to that effect is successful in its mission.

A team at the Centre of Regenerative Medicine in Pittsburgh (USA) is reported to have developed a “miracle powder”, nicknamed “pixie dust”. The scientists claim that the powder is likely to ensure that injured limbs do not need to be amputated.

The powder has been made out of pig bladders, which enables the body to grow new tissue, and can also regenerate large areas which have been badly injured. But how is it possible? Well, pig bladders are blessed with a substance called extra cellular matrix, and that is mainly constituted of collagen.

Notably this “pixie dust” has already been used to treat some severely injured US soldiers who are back from war-torn Afghanistan. All those soldiers had their limbs so badly injured that they were very much likely to be amputated. But they did not have to go through that ordeal, courtesy the use of “pixie dust”.