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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Five Indian Villages Where Sanskrit Is The Everyday Language

I have come to know, from a couple of online and printed sources, about 5 Indian villages where Sanskrit is spoken as the everyday language. Residents of these villages reportedly speak the language during every kind of communication, ranging from holding serious discussions to buying goods from grocery stores to having casual chats with friends.

These 5 villages are –

a.) Mattur or Muttoor (Karnataka).

b.) Hosahalli (Karnataka).

c.) Jhiri (Madhaya Pradesh)

d.) Mohad (Madhaya Pradesh)

e.) Baghuwar (Madhaya Pradesh)

I certainly do not know how far these claims are true. Anyways, I still decided to spread this information through Social Media. This is because I felt that the information might be of use to a scholar (from India or abroad) who is doing some research on a relevant area (such as Sanskrit language, Indian history, etc.)

Besides, I also felt that my fellow Indians who are unaware of these villages might be thrilled to know that such villages still exist in India.

But, I repeat, I am simply forwarding an information that I have found elsewhere, without having any personal idea about its veracity.