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Thursday, August 5, 2010

United Nations Lends Strong Support For Right To Water

It was a genuine pleasure to see United Nations declaring access to clean water and sanitation as a “Human Right”.

Nobody needs to be an expert or exceptionally rational to know how true it is. Potable water and sanitation are two quintessential components of human civilization. And it is extremely painful that even in the 21st century a huge number of people are deprived of these basic amenities. It is terribly unfortunate, shameful and horrifying, all at one go. It is a disgrace for the global civilization, which takes so much pride in its technological advancement.

Now let’s sincerely wish that all relevant organizations – starting from international bodies to local administrative units – will start addressing the issue with utmost sincerity, doing everything that comes within its range of authority and purview.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Uprooting And Annihilation – The Only Way To Counter The Maoists

The Maoist problem is gradually turning into a serious menace for India. And before it turns into a grave threat for our country, the government must nip the disease in the bud.

Instead of following a mainly reactive line of action (which it is seemingly following right now), the government must immediately espouse a proactive line of action. It should come down heavily on the rebels, crushing them in the way a mighty elephant tramples a helpless man lost in the jungle.

We must remember that Maoists are mindless people left completely brainwashed by their leaders. The only truth for them in this world is the order from the top brass, which they carry out without any question. In that sense they are no different from the foot soldiers of the Taliban. And so the only way to deal with them is extreme savageness.

There was a time when the Khalistan movement by some misguided Sikhs had created huge troubles for our country, leaving the government of the day terribly disturbed. However, after sucking the nation’s blood for few years, that movement ultimately came to an end. And that happened simply because of the ruthless way the problem was handled by K.P.S. Gill, one of the best counter-terrorism geniuses that our country has ever produced.

I had once read an interview of Mr. Gill, where he had discussed a certain aspect of his style of function while countering the Khalistan movement. And I really liked it. He said that he believed in “Uprooting and Annihilation” of the terrorists. He said that he preferred to kill a terrorist on the spot, rather than catching him alive and bringing him to the court of law. Because the court would not punish a terrorist if there were not enough evidence against him, and would leave him free. And he would resume his heinous activities with new enthusiasm.

I feel this is the policy that the government of India must embrace – just killing the bastards on the spot instead of involving legal institutions in the process. Yes, such a suggestion may appear to be a bit harsh. And it will definitely appear to be very offensive to the human rights enthusiasts and other intellectuals of the country, who are always obsessed with the concept of “civilized society”. But can they honestly deny this fact that savageness is the only way to deal with the savages whom we call Maoists? Moreover, is there at all any need to bother about the opinions of all these pseudo-intellectuals? These hypocrites take out huge processions and call press conferences when there is a single instance of a custodial death of an alleged terrorist, or something like that. But they never bother to visit the family of an innocent person who has been gunned down by the terrorists. And you will also never find them to express their condolences to the families of the police and security personnel killed in encounters with the terrorists. So there is absolutely no need to bother about what these so-called intellectuals feel or think. For them their “intellectual image” is more important than the law and order situation of their motherland, and let us just ignore them for good.

Brutality is the only medicine meant for the Maoist scoundrels, who have proved themselves to be nasty demons under the garb of human beings. Let us pounce on them in the same way they pounce on innocent people, and chop them off into thousand pieces.