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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Congrats To Gujjars For “Simple Marriage” Resolution

It was really heartening to see how leaders of Gujjar community passed a resolution to keep marriage a low-key affair. The notable and praiseworthy resolution forbids vulgar show of wealth in marriages, while also prohibiting the use of guns and liquor on such occasions.

This is undoubtedly a pleasantly startling move, given the fact disturbingly ostentatious marriage ceremonies have now become so common in North India. People unhesitatingly use wedding ceremonies as a tool to display their money power, stooping to the level of competing with one another in terms of glitz and glamour. Under such circumstances it is not too much to say that this resolution of the Gujjar community leaders represents a ground-breaking move.

I also heartily appreciate the prohibition of use of gun in wedding ceremonies. This practice of gun firing, something so common in North Indian wedding ceremonies, is already frowned upon by a large section of the society. I regularly come across news of accidents (including fatal accidents) in wedding ceremonies resulting from gun firing. And therefore it is a welcome step in itself to ban the use of gun in Gujjar weddings.

A bagful of congratulations to Gujjar community leaders for coming up with this significant resolution. It is a powerful initiative to cleanse the rich North Indian culture of needless extravaganza. North Indian wedding ceremonies are quite glorious and colourful, and they do not need any “artificial” extravaganza to appear more glamorous. In fact, doing away with such extravaganza will help the North Indian wedding ceremonies to display their real self, which is a captivating combination of magnificence and liveliness.