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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Congrats To French Authorities For Gunning Down Abdelhamid Abaaoud

Hearty congrats to French police and security personnel for their success in finding out and then gunning down Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the blood sucking vampire who reportedly played the main role in orchestrating the terror attack in Paris.

While the trauma suffered by the families of Paris attack victims is irreparable, this development will undoubtedly offer some relief for their pain.

Now it is time for all of us, irrespective of our religious/ethnic/national backgrounds, to join hands and offer all sorts of moral support to all the entities and powers which are fighting day in and day out to wipe out the devils of ISIS and Al Qaeda from their areas of stronghold, through various means like air strikes. It is not the right time to evaluate the US led air strikes on the ISIS and Al Qaeda strongholds of Middle East in the context of ethics, principle and values. We will get enough time to have those intellectual discussions if the civilized world survives the threat it faces from these radical Muslim organizations. First we should focus on this survival.

Now let the world unite and offer devastating blow to all those scoundrels who are inflicting injuries to the human society (including people from the same religion that these terrorists claim to champion), thus bringing extreme embarrassment for the innocent followers of one of the oldest religions of the world.

The wolves of ISIS and Al Qaeda are so obsessed with bloodshed. OK, let’s not disappoint them. For long they have bathed in the blood of human beings. Now let them bath in the blood of wolves, i.e. the blood of their own. 

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Terror Attack – The positive and negative awakenings

The devastating terror attack in Mumbai resulted in both positive and negative awakenings.

First, the positive awakenings

This attack gave us an opportunity to know about the excellence and skills of our security personnel, especially the marine commandos and the commandos of the famed NSG (National Security Guards). The adeptness with which they have handled the situation has boosted our confidence and faith on them to no extent. We now know for sure that our commandos are among the best in the world.

This terror attack also gave us a chance to know that our country still has brave and courageous people like Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar, Major Unnikrishnan and Gajendra Singh, who can unhesitatingly lay down their lives for the sake of their motherland. Not that we ever had any doubt about the existence of such people in India. We have witnessed the selfless supreme sacrifices made by a host of young soldiers at the time of Kargil war. And even now, almost every other day we get the news of brave Indian soldiers laying down their lives in the border areas while fighting terrorist elements. However, the martyrdom of the security personnel handling Mumbai terror attack has inspired the Indian youth in a significant manner, encouraging them to play whatever roles they can play for the service of their great motherland.

Now, the negative awakenings –

The incident has highlighted serious lapses in the Indian intelligence network, apart from bringing into light flaws in the functioning of the Indian Coast Guard.

Hopefully the concerned agencies will undertake a thorough assessment of their infrastructure and functioning style, identify the loopholes and rooms for improvements, and address the same. Good luck to them.

The incident has also highlighted, for the umpteenth time, the extreme inefficiency of our honourable Home Minister, Mr Shivraj Patil. That nation is really cursed where the responsibility of internal security is in the hands of incompetent persons like Shivraj Patil and Prakash Jaiswal, who so perfectly exemplify the phrase “Good For Nothing”.

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