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Friday, January 21, 2011

“Hi, Nice Meeting You” – Height Of Social Anomaly

I am genuinely sorry if I do not sound to be appreciative of social pleasantries. I may even sound to be a bit harsh and rude, somebody who does not have any idea about the value and significance of social decorum.

But I just cannot help saying that I feel odd about a way people now-a-days greet one another after getting introduced – “Hi, nice meeting you!”

There was a time when people used to say “Hello” and “Hi”. There was also the custom of saying “How do you do”, apart from some other forms of greetings.

Then, around 12-13 years back (if I am right) came this style of saying “Nice meeting you”. And now it has become the most common way of greeting one another after getting introduced for the first time.

So exactly what is the problem that I have with it?

Well, I find it to be a bit weird, and I will try to explain why it is so.

Let me ask you something. Suppose you have been given an apple (or any other fruit, or food, or beverage, etc.). Now, first you will consume it, and only then you will say “Wow, it was nice having it!” Right? Certainly you will not say anything like that before having it. Because you cannot appreciate a food item before even consuming it. It is common sense.

Similarly, isn’t it so that you should say “Nice meeting you” to somebody only after interacting with him at least for some time? How can you say something like that immediately after being introduced to him? How can you appreciate an experience (in this case the experience of interacting with that person) before even having that experience?

So this is my problem with this expression/way of greeting.

Could I make myself clear, dude?