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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pseudo Intellectuals, Please Stop Sympathizing With The Maoists If You Have Any Shame

Dear pseudo intellectuals of India, it is high time you stopped sympathizing with the Maoist devils, provided you have at least an iota of shame. For long we have been listening to your “intellectual” interpretations of the “root causes” of Maoism – abject poverty, lack of development, discrimination, oppression, blah blah blah! In fact your so-called “conscientious” opposition to Government’s plans and programmes to counter Maoist menace (“revolution” in your language) is one of those factors that are preventing Mr. Chidambaram from going ahead with a genuinely strong step against the scoundrels who are unabashedly creating mayhem on a regular basis.

You pseudo intellectuals are so shameless that you people did not bother to utter any word of criticism even after your beloved Maoist bastards massacred 76 CRPF personnel in Dantewada. Your sympathy for the so-called oppressed people turned Maoists is endless. But your hypocrisy held you back from shedding a single drop of tears for the bereaved families of those hapless security personnel, who had joined CRPF to serve the common people of India, including you people.

However, you still had the excuse that the Maoists had after all killed security personnel, i.e. the agents of “state atrocities”.

You people again tried to defend those savages when they blew up a bus full of civilians (again in Dantewada), by saying that their actual target were the Special Police Officers (SPOs) who were traveling in that bus. (Causing the death of so many innocent people for killing just a few SPOs. Wow, what an idea!)

But what is your excuse now, after the brutal and devastating attack on the innocent civilians who were traveling in the ill-fated Jnaneswari Express? Is there any excuse, even an ultra-idiotic or ultra-illogical one, which you can come up with to justify this bastardly act? What cause are these Maoist scoundrels fighting for, which entails the tears and pain of so many common people? Is it at all a fight that worths any sympathy? NO!

The Maoists have proved themselves to be a cancer for India, a despicable burden for the civilized society of this country. And you, the pseudo intellectuals of India have proved yourselves to be as contemptible as your beloved Maoist devils are, by shamelessly supporting their so called cause even after so many acts of devastation and bedlam on their part.

Have you people ever wondered what a great crime you are committing by extending moral support to those scoundrels?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Uprooting And Annihilation – The Only Way To Counter The Maoists

The Maoist problem is gradually turning into a serious menace for India. And before it turns into a grave threat for our country, the government must nip the disease in the bud.

Instead of following a mainly reactive line of action (which it is seemingly following right now), the government must immediately espouse a proactive line of action. It should come down heavily on the rebels, crushing them in the way a mighty elephant tramples a helpless man lost in the jungle.

We must remember that Maoists are mindless people left completely brainwashed by their leaders. The only truth for them in this world is the order from the top brass, which they carry out without any question. In that sense they are no different from the foot soldiers of the Taliban. And so the only way to deal with them is extreme savageness.

There was a time when the Khalistan movement by some misguided Sikhs had created huge troubles for our country, leaving the government of the day terribly disturbed. However, after sucking the nation’s blood for few years, that movement ultimately came to an end. And that happened simply because of the ruthless way the problem was handled by K.P.S. Gill, one of the best counter-terrorism geniuses that our country has ever produced.

I had once read an interview of Mr. Gill, where he had discussed a certain aspect of his style of function while countering the Khalistan movement. And I really liked it. He said that he believed in “Uprooting and Annihilation” of the terrorists. He said that he preferred to kill a terrorist on the spot, rather than catching him alive and bringing him to the court of law. Because the court would not punish a terrorist if there were not enough evidence against him, and would leave him free. And he would resume his heinous activities with new enthusiasm.

I feel this is the policy that the government of India must embrace – just killing the bastards on the spot instead of involving legal institutions in the process. Yes, such a suggestion may appear to be a bit harsh. And it will definitely appear to be very offensive to the human rights enthusiasts and other intellectuals of the country, who are always obsessed with the concept of “civilized society”. But can they honestly deny this fact that savageness is the only way to deal with the savages whom we call Maoists? Moreover, is there at all any need to bother about the opinions of all these pseudo-intellectuals? These hypocrites take out huge processions and call press conferences when there is a single instance of a custodial death of an alleged terrorist, or something like that. But they never bother to visit the family of an innocent person who has been gunned down by the terrorists. And you will also never find them to express their condolences to the families of the police and security personnel killed in encounters with the terrorists. So there is absolutely no need to bother about what these so-called intellectuals feel or think. For them their “intellectual image” is more important than the law and order situation of their motherland, and let us just ignore them for good.

Brutality is the only medicine meant for the Maoist scoundrels, who have proved themselves to be nasty demons under the garb of human beings. Let us pounce on them in the same way they pounce on innocent people, and chop them off into thousand pieces.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

World Loses Its Only Hindu King

Nepal had already lost the distinction of being the only Hindu state of the world, when the country’s popularly elected parliament proclaimed it to be a secular state (i.e. a state without any official religion) by shedding off the status of a Hindu state (i.e. a state with Hinduism as the official religion). And on 28th May, 2008 it also lost the “remaining distinction” of being the world’s only Hindu kingdom, with a special assembly voting to abolish the 240 years old monarchy.

King Gyanendra, who till the other day was the world’s only Hindu king, has now turned into an ordinary citizen of Nepal. He and his family has been given 15 days of time to vacate the Narayanhiti Royal Palace, the abode of his ancestors for years, which the government plans to convert into a museum.

While it is certainly true that the Nepalese royal family was infamous for its lack of respect for democracy, at the same time nobody can deny this fact that the King (i.e. the Monarchy) had already become too weak to create any hindrance for the smooth flow of democracy in the country. Under such circumstances, it was meaningless to abolish the monarchy completely. Rather, it could have been very much retained – by keeping a strong control on the lavishness of the royal family members – as the Nepalese King was some sort of a national icon, something like the “National Emblem” of the country.

However, the Maoists were determined to completely dethrone the Monarch and abolish the monarchy. It is not that they considered the King to be a threat for the smooth functioning of democracy. Their only interest was to see their leader Prachanda as the first President of the country, a long cherished wish of Prachanda which he has never tried to hide. At last his dream has come true.

It may be nice that Nepal is now free from the clutches of its royals. But is it a better situation to be under the clutches of Communists, who themselves are not known to be very respectful of democratic norms? Only time can answer this.
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Is Nepal’s 240 Years Old Monarchy On The Verge Of Abolition?

This is probably the toughest time that the Nepal’s monarchy is facing in its 240 years of history. King Gyanendra has been told in clear terms by the Maoists – who have swept the recent general election in the country – to spontaneously leave the Narayanhiti Palace (the royal palace of Nepal) and espouse the life of a commoner, enabling the Maoists to go for a smooth abolition of the monarchy. The ultra-leftists have also threatened that in case the embattled King does not quit himself, then he will have to face a forceful eviction.

On the other hand, the King has reportedly refused to quit the palace – the abode of his ancestors – and go for an exile.

It is really an unpredictable political development, with both the sides being seemingly stubborn about their respective decisions. However, in all probability, the King will certainly have to bow down before the Maoists, in case the latter stick to their decision.

But I have a humble question. Is it at all necessary to abolish the monarchy and send Gyanandra for exile? After all, he will no more enjoy the power, influence and command that he and his ancestors used to have, with even the popularly elected governments being forced to pay huge importance to their views, ego, whims, etc. It is quite clear that now the popularly elected government (read the Maoists) will call the shots in every respect, with the King being just a powerless and mute spectator.

Therefore, under such circumstances, what is the use of going for the complete abolition of the monarchy? After all, the Nepal King has always been regarded as a national icon, regarded by various Nepalese citizens as a quintessential part of the Nepalese nationality and culture (like what the British monarchy is for the UK). I will like to humbly remind Mr Prachanda that now he and his followers have grabbed the power, they should now focus on core administrative and policy issues, instead of wasting their valuable time in trying to inflict the extreme humiliation on the King.