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Friday, September 10, 2010

Iran’s Suspension Of Stoning Of Sakineh Ashtiani – Respite For A Beleaguered Religion, viz. Islam

It is a great news that the global outcry has ultimately forced Iran to suspend its ultra-barbaric plan to stone to death Ms. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, an Iranian woman accused of adultery.

It is a great victory for the civilized society, against a bunch of insane people (the Iranian government and the clergy) who have turned their country into a medieval state with 21st century infrastructure.

I sincerely hope that the world will always come up with such a strong protest every time in future a conservative country has any such heinous scheme, be it in the case of Iran or any other country.

Hearty congratulations to Ms. Sakineh for this god send respite.

However, the actual respite was for Islam, the beleaguered religion which finds its hand soaked with the blood of thousands of innocent people thanks to the flawed sense of piety of some of its fanatical followers.

With the suspension of stoning of a helpless woman, Islam was saved from being soaked with at least few drops of more blood (though it is nothing in comparison to the sea of blood that the religion is already soaked with). The immortal soul of the Holy Prophet has heaved a sigh of relief, while feeling depressed and shocked with the madness of those people who claim to follow him, and end up maligning him to no end.