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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bharti’s Zain Deal – Another Shining Feather In India Inc.’s Hat

Bharti’s successful taking over of the African business of Kuwait’s telecom major Zain has unfolded yet another glorious chapter in India Inc.’s history.

The $10.7 billion deal (the largest by any Indian company after Tata’s Corpus deal) reflects the emerging strength, confidence and ambition that characterize the present day Indian corporate players. Apart from playing a strong role in promoting Indian telecom sector’s business in the foreign market, this deal will also promote abroad the overall brand of the Indian corporate sector as a whole. In a nutshell, this deal has resulted in an international image enhancement for the already shining image of India Inc., and can be utilized to curve further niche in the global scenario.

What has added significance to this deal is that it is involved with the telecom sector. While any major international deal makes the global corporate fraternity to take notice of it, there are some sectors that create interest among so-called common people as well, i.e. people who are not likely to be interested about such deals. This happens when such a deal takes place in a sector that lies very close to the heart of common people (or common consumers), and telecom sector is one of these sectors. No wonder, Bharti’s successful taking over of Zain’s African business will not only enhance the international image of the corporate India, but will enhance the image of the India as a country, as well.

Congrats Mr. Sunil Mittal. You are one of my most favourite corporate personalities of India, with the other being Mr. Vijay Mallya. And I find personal charm and pleasure in each corporate success that you achieve.