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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All The Best, "Barfi"!

It is really so thrilling to know about "Barfi" getting nominated for Oscar. 

While it is always great to find an Indian movie to Oscar nomination, what made Barfi's Oscar nomination so thrilling for me is the movie's close connection with two places that I am so obsessed with - a.) Darjeeling (in the North Bengal region, i.e. the picturesque region that was once the home for my family), and b.) Calcutta/Kolkata, the magnificent city where I grew up. 

All the best, Barfi!

NB - However, I am aware of the controversy that "Barfi" has imitated a number of scenes from a Charlie Chaplin movie. Well, I am not aware of to what extent the imitation has been made. But it is certainly not appreciable if the movie owes the acclaim it is enjoying to the scenes that it has imitated from other movie/movies.