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Monday, March 24, 2008

Democratization Process In Bhutan

The tiny and picturesque Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan witnessed the beginning of democratization process with the holding of first parliamentary elections in the country.

It was a momentous event in the history of the country, which has been under absolute monarchy for more than a century.

While celebrating the event, the democracy enthusiasts of the world must not forget to appreciate the King of Bhutan for his role in this matter. It may sound very strange, but actually it was the King himself who had pressed for initiating the democratization process through holding of parliamentary election. Given the huge popularity he has, the King could have easily avoided any such democratization process if he had any such wishes. But as an intelligent and sagacious person, he found it wise to behave like a “modern king” by showing spontaneous regards for the principles of democracy.

If the King’s next door neighbour, King Gyanendra of Nepal showed the same sagacity and prudence, then today he would have very much remained in his throne with full honour, instead of going through the terribly humiliating phase that he is going through right now.