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Monday, April 14, 2008

India Loses Air Force Pilot To Road Rage

An Indian Air Force pilot, who definitely had dreamt of sacrificing his life in a glorious way in the midst of a battle, had to lose his life as a result of shocking road rage, when he was fatally stabbed by a lawyer during an argument over a petty issue, parking of cars. The gruesome incident took place in the picturesque town of Kasauli, near Chandigarh in north India.

Flt Lt Anubhav Roy - a Sukhoi pilot posted at Ambala Air Force station – had a row with Kasauli lawyer Hari Dass Tanwar, who was apparently drunk. The young officer had objected to the way Hari Dass Tanwar had parked his car. This led to two rounds of arguments, eventually leaving Anubhav stabbed by the lawyer with a kitchen knife. The injury was serious, and the young officer breathed his last before enough efforts could be made to save his life.

Apart from extremely sad, the incident is terribly scary as well. Road rage has already turned into a serious problem, especially in north India. And this incident shows how alarming the problem is. If such things continue, then what is the security of our lives?

What left me terribly shocked is that in this incident the culprit was an educated lawyer, and not a street hooligan (or something like that). With a so-called “educated gentleman” behaving in this manner, it is very natural to have this feeling that something is seriously wrong with our society.