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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Calera’s “CO2-Cement” Claim. Is It Bankable?

I was thrilled to know that Silicon Valley start-up company Calera has claimed that it has invented a way wherein it can capture the carbon dioxide emissions from coal and gas power plants, before turning them into cement.

Now, if Calera (funded by noted Silicon Valley venture capitalist Vinod Khosla) can really do it, and that too on a mass scale, then it will be a double benefit for the world. On one hand it will reduce CO2 emissions, and on the other hand it will result in the production of a highly usable commodity. So it is everybody’s guess how important a development it can be. In fact, Calera has claimed that it has already drawn an investment of $15 million from world’s biggest coal company Peabody Energy.

However, there are some experts who are not ready to bank much on this claim. They feel that Calera will not be able to produce large quantities of cement that is both sustainable as well as environment-friendly.

Let’s see what happens. Only time can tell whether Calera will be successful in doing what many players have tried to do for around 15 years.