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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hey Subhasis, Hearty Congrats For Your Debut Novel – “Those Were The Days”

As a person of little (or better to say no) caliber, I have nothing as such to boast of. So naturally I need to depend on reflected glory, which I manage to gather by trying to get close to talented and successful people who have carved a niche in various fields.

And trust me, I am really lucky in this respect. While god has not given me any quality to stand out from the crowd, he has certainly given me quite a number of friends to feel proud of.

And the latest one in that group of friends is Subhasis Ghosal, the sharp and intelligent software engineer-turned-marketing communications professional who was my colleague at Espire Infolabs, New Delhi around 4-5 years back. And while he quit Espire before I did, we had already cemented a life long friendship which is, needless to say, still there.

A man with equal command on software domain and creative activities, Subhasis had already started working on a novel when I was working with him at Espire. He told me that the novel was based on student life, and he would take some idea from his own student life. I was thrilled that he was writing a novel, and wished him good luck, and was at the same time doubtful about whether it would at all see the light of the day.

I kept touch with him after he quit Espire and moved to Pune with his new job. Whenever we would communicate through Facebook, SMS or phone call, I would ask him about his job, his family, etc. But never I would ask him about his novel, as, honestly speaking, I had forgotten about it.

It was just one or two months back that Subhasis told me, during a Facebook chat, that he was through with the novel, and it would be published soon. And then the other day I got the good news. His novel, named “Those Were The Days”, is out in the market. My beloved friend Subhasis is now an author.

Congrats dear. A bagful of hearty congrats. Only I know how happy I am. And I sincerely hope that “Those Were The Days” is just the beginning, to be followed by many other works. Let your passion for novel writing always be with you.