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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hang Ketan Desai Till Death

Ketan Desai, the President of Medical Council of India or MCI has been arrested, after being caught red handed while taking a bribe of Rs 2 crores.

MCI is the organization that regulates medical education in India. And one of its chief functions is to give government recognition to a medical college (and the medical degree offered by it) after being satisfied with the latter’s infrastructure, quality of teaching, etc.

In fact Mr Desai had asked for the bribe in exchange of giving government recognition to a Punjab-based medical college.

It is taken for granted that Mr Desai and his associates have already given that government recognition, in exchange of hefty amounts, to various such medical colleges which are not able to impart appropriate medical education. But the students who will pass out of these colleges will be able to boast government recognized medical degrees, and will be approached by innocent people at the time of need. And just imagine the type of treatment those doctors will offer.

By fiddling with medical education, Mr Desai has actually fiddled with human life. So I feel the case should not be treated as one of just corruption and bribery. Rather, it should be treated as a case of deliberate attempt to mass murder.

And then will it be too much to demand a death sentence for this scoundrel?