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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Charm Of Being In A Government Job

Working for the government has a charm of its own, which can be felt only by the concerned people. A person working in the corporate sector may enjoy a heavy pay package and a glossy lifestyle, but he can never access the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment enjoyed by a person working in a responsible government position.
In the corporate sector you only work for a particular organization and its owner, always remaining confined to directly or indirectly working for the enhancement of that organization’s business profit. You might enjoy a high salary and other attractive perks, but you end up working only for a particular individual (the owner of the organization) or a particular family (if it is a family business).
In the government job you get the opportunity to serve the common people, either directly or indirectly, which offers you a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure. At the end of the day you can go to the bed with a happy mind that you have done today something valuable for an ordinary person. Once you fall in love with such a work, you will never enjoy the dry and insipid work that only entails profit/loss/market share, etc. of a corporate house.
Moreover, in the private sector you often have to report to a boss (a CEO, an MD, a Manager, etc.)  who has been there only because he is related to the owner family, though actually he does not have the required competence to be in that position.
But in the government job your boss will always be a government servant himself, who has been there by his own caliber. Yes, sometimes his appointment to that position might be questionable and even controversial, but at least no body can say that he has been there only because of his family connection.
I have not tried to make a comparison between government and corporate jobs. Both types of jobs have their own share of attractions and pitfalls, and both offer room for talented people to display their competence.
I have only tried to highlight some points which make me love the government sector. That’s all. I have also had exposure to the corporate sector, and have enjoyed my stint with it as well.