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Monday, September 22, 2008

Kolkata Guy Marries Two Sisters

Something interesting has happened in Kolkata (or Calcutta) in eastern India, the city where I grew up. I just felt I should share the incident with my friends who are unaware of it.

A Kolkata guy, named Kaushik Dutta has married two sisters – Jhuma and Shoma. And now these three (one husband and his two wives) are staying together in a single house.

All three of the “dramatis personae” are reportedly well educated and belong to the so-called upper class of the society. Jhuma is a post-graduate, while the younger sister Shoma holds a doctorate. The three jointly own a publishing house that brings out text books.

Quite naturally it has caused sensations in the city, with various prominent personalities (sociologists, authors, etc) expressing different views. Apart from being against the Hindu Marriage Act, this marriage is also being accused of being unethical. However, there are some who are supporting what Kaushik has done, saying that his act reflects the basic human nature.

I will not like to express any personal view, as I feel I am not intelligent or knowledgeable enough to make any analysis of this exceptional incident. Rather I will leave it to my friends to make their own analysis.

The link to the news is given below –