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Friday, February 3, 2012

India Decides To Support UNSC’s Syria Resolution

India has finally decided to support United Nation Security Council’s resolution on Syria, after dillydallying over the issue for quite some time.

I personally feel it is a wise decision, in terms of diplomatic strategy as well as humanity. First, it is important for India to get its voice heard in an international issue, as it will help it further strengthen its status as a power to reckon with. Secondly, there is the question of humanity and ethical responsibility, which compels India to do something to address the Syrian bloodshed that is continuing without any sign of end.

It is not that through this act India will become a party to an act of any forced regime change. Nothing in the language of the resolution talks about any endorsement of regime change. It is only focused, at least apparently, on restraining the ongoing violence and facilitation of a negotiated settlement.

India has deep respect and appreciation for the sovereignty of every nation of this world, and no force can force our country to deviate from that principle. However, we cannot afford to overlook the government sponsored massacre of innocents in Syria in the name of crushing rebellion. The Bashar al-Assad government has every right to be strict with any form of mobocracy that is destabilizing that country. However, the world has the right to intervene if it finds the situation is getting increasingly scary with every passing day. In fact, it might even turn into a favourable development for Assad, by ushering in peace and stability that will enable him to focus on the development of his country.

Let’s hope that our Syrian friends soon find themselves in a peaceful Syria, and then work together to make their motherland as glorious as Mount Hermon.