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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photography – My New Passion

Of late I have been “captured” by a new passion – the passion of “capturing moments”. In plain speak, Photography.

It is not that my interest in photography is something completely new. Rather I always have had interest in it, since my childhood. Like many of you, I have always found it to be a thrilling idea to permanently capture various moments of my life, and also various incidents, etc. that I find to take place around me. However, till the other day this interest was “just an interest”. But now with every passing day I find it to be increasingly turning into a strong passion, which may even be called madness. Now I always keep thinking of “capturing” something in my cell phone camera, whether it is gorgeous high rise that I come across while driving through the street, or when I find my colleague buttering his sandwich during the lunch break at office. In fact, sometimes I take a snap of something while questioning myself whether it at all worths being photographed. Guess sometimes I “click” only for the sake of it, as I am actually in love with the “act of clicking”.

Anyways, I must admit that I am enjoying this new hobby like anything. At least as of now.