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Friday, October 28, 2011

AFSPA Withdrawal – Omar To Take Full Responsibility If Something Goes Wrong

For last some days J&K CM Omar Abdullah has been very vocal about his demand for the withdrawal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from at least some parts of the state.

This demand, allegedly a ploy to win cheap popularity, has brought the 3rd generation Chief Minister of the state into direct conflict with the armed forces, with the latter being strongly opposed to any such step. And this view of the latter is shared by the nation as well, with the ground situation seemingly not being favourable for any such step.

However, the young and handsome Chief Minister is defiantly sticking to his guns. He seems to be quite confident that the so-called draconian law has now become irrelevant for certain regions of Jammu & Kashmir. And he is apparently determined to get those regions 'liberated' from the clutches of that law.

Fine. If the honourable Chief Minister feels that way, then it is OK. But let there be one condition. Let Omar sign an agreement that if there is an escalation in the terrorist activities in the concerned regions after the withdrawal of AFSPA, then he has to take the full responsibility for it and immediately resign from the position of Chief Minister, and also has to arrange for compensations to be paid to the kith and kin of the security personnel and common people who will be the victims of that escalation.

Are you game, Mr. Chief Minister?