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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Few Humble Suggestions To Ms Girija Vyas, President, National Commission For Women (India)

Dear Madam,

Your organization, National Commission for Women (NCW), is a significant and crucial body that is playing a very valuable role in upholding the cause of the respectable womenfolk of our land. It is courtesy the presence of NCW that a number of women from cross sections of the society are being able to fight against various injustices committed against them, thereby managing to safeguard the honour and dignity of their life. Every right thinking citizen of India appreciates the valuable service offered by NCW, and takes great pride in its presence on the Indian soil.

However, I sometimes feel that there are certain occasions when NCW might get vulnerable to misuse and misutilization, without even realizing it. Such incidents are sure to malign your organization, not withstanding its noble objectives.

If you do take it as an audacity, then I will like to present just a couple of humble suggestions which may help you to ensure that there is no misuse of your organization.

a.) NCW must ensure that on the occasion of a normal household arguement a lady can not blackmail her husband/in laws by flaunting her personal contacts with NCW officials and functionaries. I hope you will accept that it is not a good practice for a lady to make remarks like “I know Ms. XYZ of NCW. I will just call her tomorrow”, while having a somewhat normal argument with her husband/in laws.
b.) You must ensure that when a lady visits NCW office for some official or other work (and not to lodge any complaint), then she is not entertained to make any verbal complaint against her husband/in laws while having a casual chat with any NCW official. If she tries to do something like this, then the concerned NCW official must not entertain it. Rather she should tell that lady that if she really has a genuine complaint to make, then she is welcome to lodge a formal, written complaint with the appropriate person. Otherwise, that lady may later blackmail her husband/in laws by saying things like “Today I told Ms. XYX of NCW everything when I visited their office. She was very angry, and has said that she will ensure NCW takes strict action against you people”.
c.) When a lady lodges a complaint with NCW, then, after recording the complaint, NCW may do the following two things – c.) 1.) – It may verify the genuineness of the complaint before taking any action against the accused, And, c.) 2.) – Even after it finds that the incident mentioned in the complaint is true, it may try to find out the root cause, which eventually resulted in that incident. For example, NCW finds that a lady was indeed slapped by her husband as she has mentioned in her complaint. Now, before taking action against her husband, NCW may try to find out whether there was some very strong provocation from the lady which made her husband to slap her at the heat of the moment. It may have been so that the lady was abusing her in laws in a very offensive language, which made her husband lose patience (after all, he is a human being). Worse, it may have been so that the lady had pounced on her husband and was physically assaulting him, and the husband had to slap her back simply for self defence.

So madam, these were just a couple of suggestions that I dared to make, with this hope that the same might help NCW to be further effective in its actions. I again hope that you will not count my action as an audacity.

I want to highlight that my coming up with these suggestions does not mean that I have any doubt about the competence of NCW officials.

I will also like to highlight that I do not claim to have any personal experience as far as the situations/scenarios - that I have mentioned above as examples - are concerned.

Please accept my heartfelt respect and regards and share the same with each and every member of NCW. Please always be there and be a strong support for our mothers, sisters and daughters, who genuinely need your help. I wish you people all the best.