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Monday, November 15, 2010

An Appeal To The Delhi Metro Rail Authority

Dear Sir,

I am a regular commuter of the Delhi Metro Rail services, and I must say that I find it to be a manna from the heaven for the Delhites. Every person from Delhi (and other parts of NCR) will unhesitatingly admit how his or her life has become significantly easier with the introduction of Delhi Metro service. The commencement of Delhi Metro service simply marks a golden chapter in the public transport infrastructure of the National Capital Region.

However, certain issues have already started raising their heads. And while these issues are not that serious in nature, nevertheless I will love you to take not of them and address the same, lest they turn serious in the future.

Some issues created by the commuters

Male passengers are often being found to occupy seats meant for ladies, even when a lady is found standing. I do not think it is a good excuse to occupy a lady’s seat that there is a separate bogey for women.

The rule of not playing music inside the train is not being followed by some passengers, which is creating problems in hearing the announcements on the forthcoming station.

Some passengers are having things like coke and snacks inside the train, even through it is prohibited. It is mainly observed during the evening (when people are going back home from office). And it is mainly being done by, well, female passengers (I am so sorry if I hurt any lady by highlighting this).

Passengers are often being found to be sitting on the floor of the train, even though it is not permitted.

Some lacunae on the part of the Delhi Metro Rail people

Sometimes the announcements on forthcoming station are not there, leaving passengers confused about the station the train is going to enter next. And what is worse is that sometimes there is wrong announcement about the forthcoming station, thus making it more confusing for the passengers.

Sometimes the train gets stuck up in a station, or in the area adjacent to it. And it remains in that condition for at least 5-7 minutes, and sometimes even for more time. It is very irritating especially in the morning, when people are going to office and naturally every moment is valuable.

Sometimes I have found that the CISG personnel are not that serious about checking a passenger if he is a regular face in that station. This is a bit scary, as terrorists may try to use this as an opportunity.

So these are the problems that I wanted to share with you. I am a die-hard admirer of Delhi Metro Rail, and will love it to be impeccable and perfect. This explains why I shared these problems with you, as I felt that it would help you to make Delhi Metro Rail service more perfect, something that you also want.


Raja Basu