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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Appeals To Mr. Milind Deora, The New MoS – Communications & IT

Hi Milind (or shall I say Mr. Milind Deora?),

A bagful of congrats for getting selected as a member of the Council of Ministers. While becoming a Minister itself is a thrilling experience, what must have made you more thrilled is that you have been made an MoS at the Ministry of Communications & IT. What I feel, after going through some of your newspaper articles, that you take a special interest in Telecommunications gadgets, like cell phones. And you seem to have some definite plans as far as that field is concerned. In that case your ministerial appointment has provided you with a golden opportunity to realize your plans, right?

Anyways, without taking much of your time, I will like to come to the point straightaway. I have some appeals, and with your kind permission I dare to place them before you.

i.) Please try to inculcate some professionalism in the functioning of MTNL and BSNL. Even at this age of high cell phone penetration the basic telephony still enjoys a significant popularity. And when common people think of basic telephony, they usually think of the government players (i.e. MTNL and BSNL) and not the private players. So it is very crucial that MTNL and BSNL upgrade their customer service, which can be called “just average” at its best.

ii.) Please take strict measures to ensure that porn site viewing in cyber cafes comes to an end, or at least gets reduced.

iii.) Please ensure that your ministry keeps a vigil on the social, health and other impacts of the various value added services offered by cell phones.

iv.) (Most important appeal) Finally, can you please conceptualize something like an “e-mail and snail mail combo”? What I mean is like this –

Suppose I want to send an e-mail to Mr. X, who does not have an e-mail ID and is not e-mail friendly in the first place. So I send the e-mail to the post office that is located nearest to his residence. The post office people take out a print of the e-mail, and then deliver the hard copy to Mr. X’s residence in a way snail or postal mails are delivered. Is something like this possible? Sorry if my plan sounds stupid.

OK, so these are some my wishes which I dared to share with you.

Congrats to you again, and a bagful of wishes for a successful ministerial career.