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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mango’s Qualcomm Deal – An Indicative Achievement For The Indian Software Community

Till the other day the Indian software community was known only for its expertise in software solutions, without any footprint on the software product development category. The entire world would recognize and appreciate the expertise of the Indian software solutions providers in addressing the various problems of organizations across domains and sectors. However, in a sharp contrast to it, the Indian software industry had virtually no success in the product development scenario. This led to this widely accepted theory that the Indian software professionals only good at providing software solutions, and have no command of software product development. This in fact encouraged some critics (including Indians) to term the Indian software professionals as “software coolies”.

However, the scenario is now changing, with the Indian software product developers slowly solidifying their presence in the global software landscape. There was a strong indication of the same when the Bangalore-based Mango Technologies sold two of its software products to Qualcomm, a respectable name in the wireless semiconductor domain.

Mango Technologies achieved a signal success for the entire Indian software fraternity when it sold to Qualcomm the following two of its products – a mobile handset user interface (UI) software and a PC-based UI customization toolkit.

Probably this incident marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Indian software history, the chapter of India’s recognition as a software product development major, while being a software solutions wizard as well.

Hearty congrats to the two founders of Mango Technologies – Sunil Maheshwari and Lekh Joshi (both only in their early 30s). Guys, you people have made us proud. Wish you many such success in the future.