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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A. Raja’s Ridiculous Attempt To Drag The PM’s Name Into The 2G Controversy

It is really shocking to see that how the former Telecom minister Mr. A. Raja is trying to drag the honourable prime minister’s name into the 2G Spectrum controversy.

Mr. A Raja’s desperation to defend himself is understandable. But he must realize that espousal of any baseless reasoning to wash his hands off can hardly dilute the charge against him. Rather such acts will leave his image to be murkier.

He has said that the prime minister (and the then finance minister Mr. P. Chidambaram) knew about the steps he was going to take about the 2G Spectrum allocation. OK, accepted. But does that establish this that they are equally responsible for the scam? No. We must realize that knowing about the administrative or policy decision of a ministry is something, and realizing the possible outcome of that decision is something else. To study a policy decision and identifying its possible outcome is actually the responsibility of the in-charge of the concerned ministry (i.e. the concerned minister), as he has hands-on connection with the day-to-day activities of the ministry. We can at most say that the prime minister should have sensed the outcome of Raja’s decision, but we can never say that he should must have sensed it. At the end of the day it was Raja’s responsibility to sense the outcome, and back out from the controversial decision that resulted in the scam. That he did not back out from his decision naturally naturally reflects this feeling that he had actually identified the irregularities in his decision, but still went ahead as he had his personal gains in mind.

Mr. Raja must realize that the prime minister can not set up a Group of Ministers for each and every issue, then it is meaningless to have dedicated ministers for the government ministries. Besides, if the prime minister is to mind the pros and cons of every decision and step of a ministry, then what is the role of the ministers-in-charge? Are they there only to execute prime minister’s orders? Cannot they take independent decisions? They have to independent decisions, and will have to take full responsibility for the outcome. Therefore, sorry Mr. Raja, you have to face the music alone. Please do not try to drag the name of your honest prime minister, who is an asset for this nation.