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Friday, October 1, 2010

Got Hit By A Car, Thanks To My Cell Phone

Today (1st October 2010) morning I got hit by a car, while going to my office at Gurgaon. The cab I was traveling in had dropped me at a spot which was around 10 minutes walking distance from my office at Udyog Vihar, Phase-V in Gurgaon. I got hit while crossing a road, which had cars coming from both sides.

Thank got the car was not moving at a high speed, as it was not exactly a main road, and was also congested with traffic. I was back on my feet within seconds, and managed to reach my office myself. However, it could have been serious. I have got light injuries at my right arm and right hip, and both are paining a little. The bone at my right hand, a spot where I was hit, had started swelling. Thank god that swelling has stopped.

The driver is certainly to be blamed, as he came from the wrong side. The road is bifurcated into two one-ways, with traffic being one-sided in both the halves. While getting hit I was looking at the left side, from where the cars were coming, while that car came from the right side (which was the wrong side).

However, I cannot claim myself to be completely “innocent”. I also have to be blamed, at least to some extent. Why? Because I was talking over my cell phone while crossing the road. That made my mind to be distracted, and I was not adequately alert. If I were, then I would have certainly spotted the car even though it was coming from the wrong side. And could have averted even the little injury that I suffered.

Moral of the story – Please, for god’s sake, avoid using your cell phone while traveling. Even if that traveling does not mean driving a car, but just walking. After all, you are on the road, right?