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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do We Have A Tunneled Vision Of Development?

Do we all have a tunneled vision of development, wherein we confuse “development” only and only with “infrastructural and economic development”, while giving little or no importance to the other aspects of human society?

Areas like science & technology, transport, telecommunications, trade & commerce, real estate, etc. are key constituents of human development. There is simply no doubt about it. But they are not be all and end all of human development. Equally important are areas like social cohesion, family values, interpersonal empathy and respect, compassion, camaraderie, etc. In fact, these are probably more important. Because it is these characteristics that help the human civilization to remain humane, rather than turning into just a civilization.

Unfortunately, now-a-days we are only obsessed with economic and infrastructural development, while being almost completely indifferent to the development of humane qualities. Interest in the latter is mostly confined within some research analysts, experts and academicians. When they publish their research papers, reports, etc., highlighting the sorry state of these qualities in the modern world, we just express some “intellectual regret and concern”, and then get back to our usual world of so-called development.

Friends, the humane qualities that comprise the cornerstone of human society are steadily on the wane. And it is high time we addressed that bleak scenario. Otherwise soon our civilization will turn into a civilization like the ones of the aliens of Hollywood sci-fi movies, i.e. a highly (technologically) developed civilization with no room for emotion and other soft feelings.

Let us not forget that an ideal human civilization is neither exclusively head-specific nor exclusively heart-specific. Rather, it adheres to a balanced attitude where both human head and human heart enjoy an equal importance.