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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why Is Congress So Prone To Dynastic Politics?

Even before just 24 hours could pass after the formal announcement of the unfortunate death of Andhra Pradesh CM Y S Rajasekhara Reddy (YSR), the Congress party had already been caught by an ugly wave of succession war. Though the state finance minister K Rosaiah has been made the acting CM, it is clearly just a stop-gap arrangement. The party High Command is soon to decide whether Mr. Rosaiah is to retain the position or is to be replaced by a more suitable candidate.

There have been quite a number of contenders, including three Union Ministers, who have been waiting for the High Command's decision with their fingers crossed.

However, there is nothing shocking about all this. These things are very natural developments and are bound to happen after the sudden demise of the CM of a state. But what leaves me (and I suppose many) very disturbed is the emergence of YSR's son Jagan Reddy as a contender.

Sorry if I sound rude. But isn't it utterly nonsense that a person with just 100 days of political experience is being considered for the position of CM, simply because he is the son of the late CM? Isn't it a terribly naked show of dynastic and feudal mindset, smacking of a shocking level of political immaturity simply not expected from the politicos of the world's largest democracy? Is the CM's position equivalent to that of a club president, that it can be filled up by anybody whose only credential is that he or she is the son or daughter of the past president?

Jagan Reddy is a smart and energetic person, and we all know that he will prove himself to be a great administrator, and an asset for this country. But he must be given due time to prepare himself, instead of leaving him crippled with such a tough responsibility when he is just a political greenhorn. Being the son of an astute politician does not establish that you have inherited your father's political acumen, and therefore you cannot straightway inherit his position. First prove yourself, and the position will spontaneously run after you.

Let Jagan first prove his mettle (which he will certainly be able to do), before making him the CM just to carry on the "legacy" of dynastic politics. The Congress party must look at those contenders who have the established credentials, and choose one from them as YSR's successor.