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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mayawati’s Landmark Project – Rs. 1,000 Crores For Unveiling Statues

Ms Mayawati may be known for her various “unconventional” and “pioneering” administrative steps. But this one surely outshines all of them.

When the UP government is failing to address a number of administrative gaps and drawbacks for the lack of adequate funds (and for the lack of administrative competence, of course), that time the government has decided to spend (read waste) a staggering amount of Rs. 1,000 for, hold your breath, unveiling statues of 40 “Dalit icons”. And yes, of these 40 statues, 6 will be of Ms Mayawati herself (after all she is also a Dalit icon, right?).

Really, what a great idea to champion the Dalit cause. India’s “downtrodden” are really so lucky to have such a leader like Ms Mayawati. And let’s not overlook the “innovativeness” of the project. The money could have been spent in addressing the infrastructural problems of the dalit villages, like arranging for drinking water, setting up schools and hospitals, arranging for scholarships for meritorious students from backward families, etc. But Mayawatiji, thanks to her fertile brain, identified a far better way to address the Dalit’s problems – setting up statues of Dalit leaders. Congrats!

I only wish Behenji could know about the remarks that my “Dalit” friends have made about her, after reading about this project in the newspaper. Really, they are so ungrateful. The lady is trying to do so much for them, and they are criticizing her. I am ashamed of those friends. And I am really so proud that our country is blessed with leaders like Ms Mayawati.