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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Confidential Mail From Burkina Faso

I got this “confidential” mail from Burkina Faso (a small country in Africa) on 24th July, 2009. The sender is some Mr. Tama Aku (

I just wished to share the content of the mail with everybody who comes across my blog. I feel people may find it interesting.

The Desk of Mr Tama Aku
Audit/Remittance Department of
African Development Bank (ADB)
Auagadougou Burkina Faso
phone: 00226-71 19 15 57

Dear Friend,


I know that this email will be a big surprise to you, but i want you to calm down and read very carefully.

I have a business which will be beneficial to both of us.. the amount of money involved is ($5,700:000:00 five million seven hundred thousand us dollars) which i want to transfer out of the country to your bank account, all to my financial benefit and yours too. and also to take my wife abroad for treatment of liver damage.

This money is owned by a man called JIN SUN, a business commercialist in west-african regions. he has been dead since four years ago (2005) and since then, no claim has been placed on his bank account balance.

I want to transfer this money out of the country but such fund cannot be transferred without a next of kin attached to the fund. the fund could be transferred in these way; you shall present yourself as a business associate to the deceased person[JIN SUN) as details shall be that you are the care- taker business associate to mr. jin sun and his properties.

I shall make available to you materials and information with which a successful claim shall be placed on the fund. i shall also be your guidiance and instructor throughout the duration of this transaction so as to ensure a swift and sure transfer of the fund to your bank account.

As to your benefits,you shall be entitled to 40% of this fund for your co-operation in this transaction while 5% will be set aside for expences incured during the course of this transaction.

So if you are interested, send a reply to me immediately and in your reply please include your [private phone and your fax numbers] urgency has to be implied and this business must strictly be a deal between both of us.
Waiting for your urgent response so that i can move ahead and give you the indept details concerning this transaction and also the steps to take for a smooth transfer of the fund into your bank account.

Best Regards,

So this is the mail. As you can see, it talks about a business deal which involves a huge amount of money. So if anybody is interested, he may contact Mr Tama Aku for the deal.

PS – Guys, I hope you people have pretty well understood that it is nothing but a fraud. Please do not make the mistake of sending any document to this person.

I shared this mail only to alert those gullible people who fall prey to such frauds. I know all of us occasionally get such mails, and just ignore the same as we know that these are sent by cheats. However, there are some who still get carried away by such mails, and I just wanted to warn them.