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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Thanks To ICICI Bank

Few days back I had made a posting in my blog, in which I complained about some inconveniences that I had faced in two ICICI Bank ATMs in Noida, which are located in the neighborhood where I stay.

I had made that posting just to give a vent to my displeasure and dissatisfaction, and not to inform the ICICI management know about the problem. Because, I had simply not expected that they would be able to track my blog and would thus come to know about my problem.

So I was pleasantly surprised when the other day - after visiting my blog - I found a reply to that posting. The reply was made by Ms. Nazia Sayeed, from the office of the Nodal Officer of ICICI Bank. In that reply Ms Nazia has not only accepted that there was indeed some problem, but has also given an elaborate explanation about the same.

What really touched me is the sincerity of the ICICI management in keeping track of the feelings of the common customers. They have not only successfully marked out an insignificant complaint made by an ordinary customer in his blog (and not in a reputed publication). But has also taken the pain of replying to that customer. It reflects there honesty in serving their customers.

My sincere thanks to the ICICI people. I am touched, honoured, and humbled, in one go.