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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Indrajit Hazra's Crap in Hindustan Times

What is one of the main reasons that always keep The Times of India ahead of its rival Hindustan Times? Simple. Every article that you will find in Times of India (TOI) has a basic quality, a standard. On the other hand in Hindustan Times (HT) you will often come across articles that are nothing but craps.

One such latest crap that I came across other day was the article "End with a Bong, not a whimper" (link - by Indrajit Hazra, a funny looking man with a funny face that only his mother can love.

In that article this guy has discussed IPL, and has actually focused on KKR's poor performance in the same. And while doing so, he has completely focused on criticizing Ganguly, as a player and captain.

He certainly has the right to criticize Ganguly. After all it is true that KKR has failed in the IPL, and everybody has the right to criticize the hapless captain of the team.

But what was disgusting was that while criticizing Ganguly and his performance, this audacious (and seemingly uncultured) person has unnecessarily focused on Ganguly’s ethnicity (i.e. his Bengali ethnicity), and has also shown (albeit indirectly) lack of disrespect for the Bengali community as a whole.

I post some samples here –

First, the heading – “End with a Bong, not a whimper”

Second – “I don’t see why I can’t say a few cathartic words in response to the post-defeat outbursts of the Bengali man’s dream of a Bengali man: KKR skipper Dada Moany.”

Third – “Not with a bang, but a frustrated Bong who says he could have won Shah Rukh Khan the tournament if he had ten more…..”

Just a look at these samples can make one understand how the person – in the garb of criticizing Ganguly – has actually tried to poke a fun at the Bengali community. As I said that every person has the right to criticize anybody, be it Ganguly or anybody else. But while doing so there should be no attempt to show any disrespect to his community. That is an extreme level of impudence that can be expected only from an ill-bred guy like this Indrajit Hazra. That will immediately give a communal colour to that discussion, which is bound to make people from that community to be emotional. It is for this reason that Bengalis get so emotional when people criticize Ganguly, as we find them that his critics do not perceive him merely as an Indian cricketer, but as a “Bengali cricketer”.

At the end of the article (read crap) Hazra has expressed his hope that Ganguly will not start tweeting. I will love to tell Hazra that if we can bear the burden of Hazra’s so-called articles, then we can certainly bear with Ganguly’s tweets.

God knows what type of family this person has come from, that he can so unabashedly make such cheap remarks to win some cheap claps from some equally uncultured people. It is not his fault that he is so uncultured. The problem actually lies with his blood.