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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Bodo-Muslim Clash In Assam – Another Outcome Of Inter Communal/Sectarian Animosity

What we experienced in Assam's Kokrajhar and Chirang districts is really so painful and embarrassing for all of us. So sad that even the 21st Century India is witnessing riots and sectarian clashes, which dent our pride of being an emerging economy to a great extent.

However, the real issue is not the denting of our international image (though that is undoubtedly a crucial issue). What is more painful is the fact that while we have been successful in touching economic achievements and technological expertise, we have failed to cure a serious grass root level ailment – inter communal/sectarian animosity. And as a nation that claims itself to be progressive and modern, it is a great failure for us.

The riot has brought under scanner the effectives of Bodoland Territorial Council, with many people including Bodos highlighting how and why the Council has failed to achieve the objective for which it was formed.

It is indeed very important to analyze Bodoland Territorial Council, identify the loopholes and address the same. However, what is also important is to identify the factors due to which we are failing to wipe out inter-communal/sectarian animosity, and then wipe out those factors from the root. Otherwise such unfortunate incidents will continue to take place, no matter whatever steps are taken on the par of the government.

In this context I will like to highlight one thing. Some people have raised this point that the clash was a result of illegal migration from Bangladesh, which has resulted in a huge number of Bangladeshi Muslims in the Bodoland Territorial Areas District. Well, illegal migration from Bangladesh is certainly a serious problem. However, it must be noted that Bodos have expressed their displeasure over the presence of a number of non-Bodos in that area, without showing any specific grievance on the presence of alleged illegal migrants from Bangladesh. It means that they are averse to the presence of all non-Bodos, irrespective of the fact whether they are illegal migrants from Bangladesh or from India (in fact Assam) itself.

And yes, steps should immediately be taken to address whatever gaps and deficiencies that exist in the Bodoland Territorial Council. The government has to be very serious in eliminating every drop of grievance from the minds of our Bodo brothers and sisters, so that they never have this feeling that Bodoland Territorial Council is just a showpiece without any ability to deliver. After all it is known to everybody that if the government fails to address the grievances of our Bodo friends, then it will give a huge scope to Bodo insurgents to enhance their so-called struggle for a separate Bodo state.

May I suggest something? Is it possible to make a law wherein no non-Bodo will be permitted anymore to buy a land or house in the Bodoland Territorial Areas District? I am not suggesting that the government should ask all those non-Bodos to leave who have already bought lands and/or houses in that area. I am only suggesting that no more non-Bodo should be permitted to buy land or home in that area. Personally I feel that permitting non-Bodos to buy properties in that area is severely diluting  the effectiveness of Bodoland Territorial Council. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ULFA Peace Talks – A Significant Step Towards Stability In Assam

The Indian government’s peace talks with the leaders (of the Arabinda Rajkhow faction) of ULFA (United Liberation Front Of Asom), to be held on 10th February 2011, is going to be a key step forward towards restoring peace and stability in the picturesque north-east India in general and Assam in particular.

ULFA has been a frontline outfit in the terrorist and insurgent activities in Assam, and one of the most dreaded outfits in the north-east as a whole. And it is undoubtedly a significant, if not historic, development that today it is going to have unconditional peace talks with the Indian government. That the outfit is genuinely sincere about the dialogue that can be understood from the fact that it has dropped its sovereignty demand as a pre-condition for any talks. In fact, when ULFA dropped this pre-requisite for talks, that was a highly notable development in itself.

It is more-or-less obvious that the Paresh Baruah faction of ULFA will try to create problems for the talks. ULFA’s Central Executive Committee has threatened to take disciplinary action against him if he defies the outfit’s decision to hold talks with the Indian government. But honestly speaking that does not seem to deter him if he wants to create problems. However, even if he tries to create problems, hopefully that will fail to get the talks derailed as a whole. After all, the majority of ULFA cadres have realized the futility of walking the road of violence and bloodshed. By walking that path throughout the life, today they find that they have achieved only one thing – keeping themselves deprived of a normal life. So now they also desperately want to come back to a normal life. And therefore they will undoubtedly work hard for making the peace talks a success.

A bagful of good wishes to both the parties (The Indian government and ULFA) from each and every Indian citizen.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

This Time They Strike At Assam

The terrorists are continuing with their disruptive activities in full swing. After a brief break they have struck again – this time at the beautiful state of Assam in the picturesque North East.

The postmortem of the situation has already started, with the usual constituents like blame gaming and scapegoating. And as usual the common people are not interested in all this, as it can neither undo what has happened nor apparently prevent the repetition of that. What they want the authorities to do is a meaningful analysis of the security and intelligence mechanism/infrastructure, identify the rooms for development and address the same. But will our great leaders do that? I am not sure whether I can be much hopeful about it.

After all what can we expect when we have an ultra-incompetent and unenterprising Home Minister like Mr. Shivraj Patil, who is in his position not because of any administrative acumen (which he does not have in the first place), but simply because of his unquestioned loyalty to “Madam”? With such a weak and inept person in charge of internal security, there is little wonder that the terrorists are having a field day.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Response Net May Be Your Trusted Medium For Helping The Flood Victims of Bihar And Assam

Just in my last posting I had appealed to every reader to do something for our hapless friends of Bihar and Assam, whose lives have been devastated by the recent floods.

However, this thought was very much in my mind that even if a person wants to help the victims, he might be confused about choosing the right partner, i.e. the right place to donate.

Yes, we all know about the relevant government agencies like Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. But there may be some who will like to go for a private organization, provided the latter has suitable credibility.

One of the names that I have gathered so far is that of Response Net. It is an organization that is really working hard for the flood victims. I feel one willing to do something for the flood victims may get in touch with this organization, and see for himself whether the organization is the right partner for the noble cause. I strongly feel he will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let’s Help The Flood Victims Of Bihar And Assam

The recent floods in Bihar and Assam have devastated the lives of a number of our fellow countrymen. I was regularly following all the relevant news and developments, and was feeling disturbed. However, very honestly speaking, the thought of doing something to help them did not strike to my mind.

It was only today that I came across a suggestion made by fellow blogger Mr. Sanjay Jha - from Delhi Bloggers Bloc – that something should be done for our hapless countrymen. Despite being short, Sanjay’s message was so powerful that it immediately touched my heart.

I humbly request to everybody who comes across this blog posting to do something for those star-crossed friends of ours. Little contributions from each of us may collectively turn into something substantial for them.

At the end, lots of thanks to Sanjay for inspiring me to at least think of doing something, instead of just tracking news through media and discuss the same with friends.