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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Avoid Using Laptops and iPads Just Before Going To Bed

Don’t use devices like laptops and iPads just before going to bed. Because that will disrupt your sleep, eventually turning you into an insomniac.

A team of American researchers has discovered that devices emitting bright lights confuse our brains and sleep patterns. How? By deceiving our minds that it is still day time. And this eventually prevents sleep and enhances the possibility of insomnia.

Please remember that our brains are biologically wired to be awake when the sun is out. And bright light after dark prevents the brain from secreting the hormone named melatonin. It is incidentally the hormone that makes us sleepy.

In case you want to distress your mind before going to bed, then reading a book or watching television will be a far better choice.

News Courtesy: The Times of India, New Delhi, 18th May 2010.