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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas – The Pan-religious Festival Meant For The Entire World

Officially Christmas may be just a religious festival of a certain religious community. But in reality it is a pan-religious festival, widely popular with and enthusiastically celebrated by people of all religions across the world.

Why is it so? Well, the reason lies in the pan-religious appeal of Christmas. The festival represents the eternal virtues of the human society – Love, Friendship, Unity, Harmony and Bonding. These are the virtues which serve as the basic components of the lifeblood of the society, and have thus always held a special position in our heart. We find the reflections of these virtues in Christmas, and this in turn explains why people of all faiths identify themselves with this beautiful festival.

In fact, it will be an understatement to refer to Christmas as just a festival. It is rather the personification of a philosophy of life, which teaches us how to make our beautiful world more beautiful, by just turning ourselves into better human beings.

Within few days there will be New Year, which will witness us making colourful New Year Resolutions (most of which we will not follow). Let us make a resolution today, on this auspicious occasion of Christmas, that we will collectively try our best to reduce hatred, malice and hostility in this world, thus doing more justice to the “civilized” tag that we use to describe ourselves.

Why should we hope for a Heaven after death? Why don’t we try to convert this world itself into a Heaven?

A bagful of love and wishes from me and my family to every reader of this small piece.