Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sikkim Declared "The best region to visit in 2014" by "Lonely Planet"

It was thrilling to know that Sikkim - the picturesque north eastern state of India - has been declared "The best region to visit in 2014" by "Lonely Planet", the prominent global travel guide followed by travel enthusiasts across the world.

Sikkim is fortunate to be blessed with a heavenly beauty (like many other states and regions of India). But tapping that beauty in a smart and innovative manner is a different thing, which requires passion, imagination and dedication. The Sikkim Govt has done it successfully, and it deserves hearty congrats from everybody. This honour has come as a result of Sikkim’s strong focus on developing its tourism sector, with its dedication being reflected from facts, such as being the first Indian state to espouse a proper eco-tourism policy formulated by US and Japanese experts.

It may be mentioned that while making its selection, “Lonely Planet” has expressed appreciation for the community-based tourism model successfully developed by the state.  

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